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I Quit My Corporate Job For This

It’s ironic how life works. You wanted this or that but not getting what exactly what you wanted. Then get frustrated. Then rise, try it one more time. One step forward and two steps back stumbling and falling, taking a risky detour. And by the time you get there, you end up feeling unfulfilled and wishing for something you never had.

Gets up again, and then finally landing to the dream you thought you ever wanted. There you are living the life you’ve been ever dreaming or wishing but ended up disoriented because this is not the life you are expecting. And when you’re already there, are we able to look back and realize that we are indeed on the right path. Is this the path made for us all along?

When an opportunity came across for a work at home job for me, I didn’t think twice. I wasn’t sure yet if I’ll be getting the job, but I had already claimed it. I wanted and needed this work at home job, I said. And here I am, almost three years later, working full time at home with my kids.

What I didn’t share as much of the challenging journey behind that decision is that I struggled each day by juggling my responsibilities at work and home.

I was already pregnant with my youngest daughter while my eldest was just nearly a year old. Things got more challenging when I gave birth to my second child; by then, I am a new mom with two kids just a year apart from little to almost no experience at all. I am on my own and clueless.


I knew I didn’t make a mistake when I chose this path. Working at home and being a full-time mom, I never questioned whether it was the right thing I did, but it can be very daunting. Oh, I was so overwhelmed and miserable.

Even though I found myself crabby and tired most of the time, I never thought that my decision was wrong. Just because it caused me more sleepless nights and some troubles along the way, it’s a wrong decision? Surprisingly, I never thought this way.

I think about my life for a moment. During the time, me being alone most of the days with my kids. I never thought I’d want to be with my kids this much. Only years later I’m able to look back and realize that I am following a route made for me all along.

I feel as though in this transition the Lord made me stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yet, He softened my heart to be open to embracing motherhood in a way I thought I wasn’t capable of. 

As the days go by, I got used to the routine. The tiredness I felt became normal. I am still sleep deprived to this day, but I still manage to get up each morning.

I know my story isn’t through yet. My story is still unfolding, and I’ve got a long way to go.

But right now, I strongly feel that I belong right here. And ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the benefits of me being a work at home mom far outweigh the rough patches.

My purpose is to raise my children to help them thrive and be their best selves. That later on, when both of my daughters are all grown up, they’ll have the fondest and happiest moment with their mother.

All day every day, I get to live my dream being with them all the time. It may not be like the one I pictured, but it’s everything that I’ve ever wanted. It’s overwhelming, but I’m telling you, I wouldn’t have it any other way.



We tend to judge that a decision is wrong if we encounter troubles after making a choice. We would act like the victim of our picks in the past. We end up condemning our past decisions for all the unexpected results we face and find excuses for our failures in the present.

We would always look for something or someone to blame whenever we didn’t get the expected result. It’s just a matter of perspective. Your decisions are all right in their place, and it’s just up to you how to handle the troubles along the way. Instead of judging your past choices, learn from them and move on. Do the best you can to overcome every obstacle that comes along your way.

You may be going through a rough time now but don’t use them as an excuse to affect your present. Use it to make your journey worthwhile and remember what really is your purpose and why you made the decision in the first place. If you know your purpose, everything should fall into place, and other things shouldn’t get in your way.


Don’t be double minded. If you doubt your decision after you make it, it will steal the enjoyment of everything you do. Make the best decisions you can. Whatever you need to do in life, do it wholeheartedly. Keep it simple and trust God with the results.

Tell Me About a Time When You’ve made a Decision – but wasn’t sure you made the right choice?

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I am a full-time work-at-home mom, married to the love of my life, and loving mommy to my two amazing little girls.



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